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Box Office Xpress ticketing software is developed and sold by Mark Lewis & Associates (formerly Corporate Consultants), Port Dover, ON  Canada

Please feel free to contact us (using the form below) concerning any questions or comments that you may have. We will reply promptly.

Phone# Note: The phone# listed within the software (and elsewhere) is no longer active. We are now conversing entirely via other means, such as the form below, e-mail, and social media. To view social media options, visit Mark Lewis & Associates.

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Important Support Notice: 
As of December 30, 2011, support has ceased for version 2.x of Box Office Xpress Junior. This includes up to version 2.6.3, which is the last version# in that series (August 14, 2008). The current version is Box Office Xpress Junior 4.1

Users of older versions may upgrade to Box Office Xpress Junior 4 by the following methods:
Order directly on-line
Request an invoice


Before asking for support, please see the top 3 most common support questions (registration, password, ticket printing).

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Before asking a sales question, please see the most common sales questions concerning missing features (Internet ticketing, wrist bands, cinemas, Apple devices).

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