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What people are saying about our ticketing systems?

"I've been looking at a few programs and yours does live up to the assertion that it is user-friendly!"
Gary Christensen
Alternative Repertory Theatre, California

"I recommend you guys highly to other venues!"
Dwaine Coley
Alexander Central Auditorium, North Carolina

"Your service made it so easy to have online sales, no muss, no fuss, one of the easiest online things I have ever done!"
Beth Bell
Clearwater East Rotary Club, Florida

"We are very pleased with this program & wouldn't change a thing!"
Lynn Winkler
Acacia Theatre Company, Wisconsin

"Dollar for Dollar, the best program on the market for the small college"
Michael J. Schell
Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon

"Everyone loves the program ... !!!!!!"
Michael Hidalgo
ART Station, Inc.

"Of all the products we have sampled (7), [Box Office Xpress Jr] is extremely comprehensive and user friendly ... I don't think it could be simpler"
Marty Aikens
North Springs Charter School for Arts & Sciences, Georgia

"We love it!"
David Neace
Canton Theatre, Georgia

"[Box Office Xpress Jr] is doing a fine job"
Jane Davidson
Festival of the Written Arts, British Columbia

[Re: Edinburgh Festival] "We had literally a dozen users throughout the 20 day period. I want to say that your software was wonderful, taking care of all the things we needed it for, and it was easy for the non-technical among us. We highly recommended it to another venue they saw it and were also impressed."
Stony Grunow
Asylum Theatre Company, United Kingdom

"This is an incredible program Easy to use You can train people quickly I highly recommend it!"
Steve Leon
The Pirate Playhouse, Florida

"I am loving this system for the box office it is great."
"This is far easier to use than anything else I have seen."

Sandi Clark
Seacoast Repertory Theatre, New Hampshire

[Re: Initial Installation] "[Our box office manager] said she is soooooo much happier with your system than with her old one."
[Re: Recent Upgrade] "You did a superb job again as usual. Thanks so much."

Gary Swallow
Theatre Jacksonville, Florida

"We just love [Box Office Xpress Jr]."
"Our school purchased Box Office Xpress Jr some years ago and it has served us well."

Joan Feiereisen
Dominican High School, Wisconsin

"We love the program!"
Shaun A. McIlquham
Center Grove Performing Arts Center, Indiana

"I just want to say that I found your program more user-friendly than [competitor] and your manual was superbly written and easy to follow."
Ellen Osborne
Taos Talking Pictures, New Mexico

"I worked with [Box Office Xpress Jr] most of the day, yesterday.  Since I know absolutely nothing about ticketing, I found it very easy to use."
Debii Christian

Syncor Entertainment, Missouri

"[Box Office Xpress Jr] is a wonderful program!"
Royce Briggs

Fountain Hills Community Theater, Arizona

"We absolutely love [Box Office Xpress Jr] and it really works for our smaller venue."
Michael Hass
Billings Bulls, MT

"[Box Office Xpress Jr] has been amazingly stable and I am very proud of the way it's performing."
Jerry Schimpf
Medicine Hat Musical Theatre, Alberta

"We are very pleased with what Box Office Express Junior has to offer."
"Extremely happy to be using the software."
Marty Aikens
North Springs High School
, Georgia

"[Box Office Xpress Jr] has a really nice feel to it."
Joan Sue Fletcher
Blackhorse Village Players, Ontario

"We like [Box Office Xpress Jr] very much."
Vic Almen
"The program is wonderful."
Second Baptist Church, Missouri

"I am very impressed!"
Devin H.
Alexander County Schools, North Carolina

"I appreciate how thoroughly all your information is explained in your "Help" and on the videos as well."
Ann Hawthorne
Tickets Please, Ontario

"We love [Box Office Xpress Jr]! It's ease of use and tons of features are like no other we have tried!"
"Thanks again for making such a great program!"

Travis Leiteritz

Douglas County High School, Colorado

"Great software!!"
Matt Housewright
College of the Desert, California

"You can [be guaranteed that] we will use your service again..."
Beth Bell
Clearwater East Rotary Club, Florida

"Love the software"
"Super kid friendly"

Marty Aikens
North Springs Charter School for Arts & Sciences, Georgia

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What people are saying about our service?

"Most impressive response I've had from a software company!"
"You're awesome as usual."

Joan Feiereisen
Dominican High School, Wisconsin

"You were so wonderful, I really appreciate your help and patience. Thanks so much!!!"
Kimberly Raiser
Limelight Theatre, Florida

"You listened to and met our needs. That speaks highly of your company that service is such a priority. Thank you!"
Shelly Flickinger
Theatre in the Park, Illinois

"You are surpassing all of my expectations every time ... THANKS SO MUCH"
Nigel Pemberton
St. Kitts Music Festival, St. Kitts

"Thanks to your excellent customer service and quick response "
Chas Melichar
Babylon Players, Illinois

"...your service after the sale has been exemplary."
David Piccola
Jones Center for Families, Arizona

"Thank you again for all of your help you have a very impressive company!"
Libby Golden
Pearland Independent School District, Texas

"You people are certainly one of the most responsive software companies around!"
Roger Heinig
Surfside Players, Florida

"Once again, thanks for the great customer support."
Dave Walsh
R. C. A. Theatre Company, Newfoundland

"Thanks for all the good help you gave to us ..."
Bob Crowe
Theatre in the Park,

"Thanks for your speedy reply ....   I'm sure Actors Co-op, my client that bought BOX, will be very happy to know that Corporate Consultants is so responsive."
Mike Downing

Consultant, California

"You are very, very helpful."
Second Baptist Church, Missouri

"Thanks again for your rapid assistance"
Gary Swallow
Theatre Jacksonville, Florida

"Thank you so much for your timely reply ... As a first time box office
manager and someone who is not very computer friendly, I appreciate it!"

Mary Ann Giasson
Camden Civic theatre

"Thank you for your wonderful help ... You're a blessing!"
David Piccola
Jones Center for Families, Springdale

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